smiling toddler playing in edible sand

I’ve often thought living right on the beach would be a dream come true but I think if that were the case, I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do! I am surrounded by many beautiful beaches in Seattle but I’ve been daydreaming about the soft sandy beaches of California and taking my little girl to see them for the first time! We brought a bit of the beach to us and made our own sand!

overhead shot of toddler playing in edible sand


// makes about 2 cups //
// this is a ‘supervision required’ activity //

1 sleeve graham crackers
1 cup oatmeal
Microwave safe bowl
Food thermometer
Food processor or blender
Plastic container or bowl to hold sand
Large sheet or towel
Miscellaneous sand toys

edible sand ready to play in


  1. Heat treat the oatmeal to kill any bacteria. To do this, place oatmeal in a microwave safe bowl. Heat it in the microwave in 30 second increments (stirring each time) until it reaches 165 degrees F.

    oatmeal in a glass bowl

  2. Allow the oatmeal to cool, then place in a food processor or blender. Add half of the sleeve of graham crackers and blend until sand like.

    oatmeal and graham crackers in a food processor

  3. Add the rest of the graham crackers and blend!

    oatmeal and graham crackers in a food processor

  4. There you have it! Edible sand! You can blend it as fine or “crunchy” as you’d like!

    edible sand in a food processor

  5. Pour sand into plastic tub or bowl.

    edible sand in a plastic tub

  6. For the playing set up, I laid out an old white sheet on our deck to make clean up easy and gathered miscellaneous measuring cups, bowls, and spoons from my kitchen. There are so many options but my daughter has been in a mixing, filling, and dumping phase so this worked well for us.

    toddler playing with edible sand in a plastic tub

    overhead shot of toddler playing with edible sand in a plastic tub

  7. The best part is that this sand is delicious (I even snuck a bit). My daughter started eating it about 25 minutes into play time because snack time was coming up. I threw in a handful of blueberries and let her search for them. It was a hit!

    edible sand and blueberries in a plastic tub

    toddler face covered in edible sand

    toddler hand covered in edible sand

  8. Enjoy a little bit of the beach at home!